Charlotte Tilbury in my Kit

Charlotte Tilbury is, without a doubt, one of the most hyped beauty brands out there at the moment. And it’s no surprise. I feel like Charlotte herself could sell pompoms for your nails if she wanted to (thank God she doesn’t!) She has this magnetism and charisma that inspires everyone and the products she so carefully creates have this star quality that few others have. Charlotte Tilbury’s products are wanted in vanities from around the world and have become objects of desire, which transcends makeup itself.


But this brand is not just looks and charisma. The quality of the products is something that didn’t disappoint me at all. Unlike a few other luxury makeup brands, Charlotte Tilbury’s products are really really good! It’s no wonder most of them took years in the making before being launched.


My favourite products, by far, are the eyeshadows. Super rich and velvety on the skin, they have great pigmentation but can be quite soft at the same time. What I like the most about them is the shade range, that can complement and work beautifully with different skin tones. I’m in love with the shimery shades!

More Charlotte Tilbury products to come soon, I promise!


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