Cati Beauty is a Lisbon based company that provides Makeup & Hairstyling Services in Portugal and abroad.

Come along and get to know Cati, the head, heart and hands behind Cati Beauty




About Cati

She believes nobody needs makeup, but it sure can give us a layer of empowerment!

Her approach to natural beauty is her trademark and whether her vision is a more minimal or a creative one, Cati’s art & architectural background gives her the tools she needs to be able to create something fresh and modern.


Bridal Beauty Services

Bridal Makeup&Hair with Trial
Bridal Makeup&Hair without Trial
Bridal Makeup or Hair with Trial
Bridal Makeup or Hair without Trial
Guests Makeup &/or Hair

Makeup &/or Hair Extra Look
(change of look or touch ups after ceremony)

Beauty Services

Makeup&Hair for Photography/Video
Male Grooming for Photography/Video

Beauty Services
Makeup &/or Hair
Male Grooming
Half Day Photography/Video touch ups
Day Photography/Video touch ups

Beauty Services
Makeup &/or Hair Individual Professional Training
Makeup &/or Hair Individual Workshop
Makeup &/or Hair Group Workshop

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